Everything from tongue to tail!

Tongue (pickled or fresh), cheeks, beef neck, shin (bone in or out), brisket, chuck steak, braising steak, boiling beef, shoulder, beef short ribs, pot roast, rib roast, rib-eye steak, striploin roast/steak, T-bones, fillet steak, sirloin steak (chump/rump), skirt steak, topside, silverside, eye of the round, steak mince, ox tails, corned beef, spice beef (mainly at Christmas), beef kidney, beef liver, beef hearts.

We also produce our own beef burgers, beef roulade, beef grill sticks, meat balls and beef enchiladas. Ask in store.


Lamb’s liver, lamb’s heart, lamb’s kidneys, sweetbreads, lamb neck, shoulders (bone in/out), gigot/stewing chops, lamb stew, lamb cutlets, lamb laps/belly, chump chops, full legs, shank of lamb, fillet of lamb.

All can be either on the bone or ‘boned-n-rolled’.

We also produce our own lamb burgers and garden mint lamb chops. Ask in store.


Collar, shoulder, belly, loin, fillet, full leg, shank, ribs, pork steak and pork chops.

All can be on or off the bone.

We also produce our own award winning, homemade sausages, homemade sausage rolls, peppered pork chops, spare ribs (salted) and half head (salted). Ask in store.


Full chicken, large legs, wings, fillets, livers, chicken crowns and turkey breasts.

We produce all of our own breaded chicken; Marylands, goujons (plain or southern fried) and kievs. Ask in store.


Full hams (bone in or out), back bacon (rind on), streaky bacon/rashers, collar, cooked ham, back rashers, beechwood smoked ham, beechwood smoked rashers, honey and mustard bacon and spare ribs (bodice!).


We produce our own dripping, stir fries (chicken and beef), sauces, dry rubs, relishes, veg and potatoes, home dry cured bacon, spiced beef, dry cured bacon, smoked dry cured bacon, pork & black pudding sausages, stuffed beef cheeks, bone marrow (for roasting or stock), caul suet, kidney suet and of course local free range turkey and geese at Christmas.

We’re also deep freeze specialists for beef, lamb, pork or bacon. Ask in store.

Added Value on your plate

Everything for the busy parents out there. Keep everyone happy with these tasty choices – we’ve taken all the hassle out of it for you!

Beef roulades, beef enchiladas, meat balls in Italian sauce, chicken olives, chicken enchiladas, cheese & onion chicken, chicken spice box, crispy shredded chicken, chicken & bacon wraps, pastry kings, chicken sticks, turkey burgers, turkey bombs, sausage rolls, garlic potatoes…

… and many more – all made fresh in our shop. Ask in store.



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