Natural environment

We rear our animals the natural way. The Cork rain ensures a plentiful supply of lush, green grass that is their primary diet. They roam our land in Castlelyons and Rathcormac as nature intended.

Fertiliser is rarely, if ever, spread on the grazing fields. We use the manure from the winter as fertiliser. We like to say that we are almost organic!!

The easy life

We do everything to ensure our animals live a stress free life. They summer in the fields and are wintered in a straw shed which is far more comfortable than a slatted unit (which can be hard on joints and limbs). Straw/hay and silage are all produced by ourselves from our own land.

Hand picked

Our animals enjoy a quiet, stress free life. When their time comes, they are hand picked by Denis and Kieran and brought to our land in Castlelyons. The land here surrounds the abattoir so they are brought directly from the field into the lairage, which means that they are calm and stress free at all times.

Hand Cut

Our decades of experience allow us to treat our animals with respect throughout the butchering process. We have a full traceability system in place. Once slaughtered, all carcasses are labelled with our own traceability label which has info on each animal. This stays with the carcass until it is butchered in the shop.

We have something for everyone


From dedicated meat lovers to picky eaters, we have something to suit all tastes. Our wide range including our own dripping, stir fries (chicken and beef), sauces, dry rubs, relishes, and vegetables ensures no one ever leaves disappointed!




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